What’s trending in Laminates?


Redecorating your space? Or designing it all new? Whichever side of décor you’re on, laminate trends for 2017 must be on your ought-to-know list.

One of the most prominent trends is of extremes. Contrast combination of dark floorings in hues of black and brown set up with light coloured furniture in shades of white, cream and beige is gaining immense popularity. On the other side of spectrum, neutral coloured floorings are being paired up with dark dyed furnishings. This makes your space look especially radiant during daylight. The reflection and refraction of natural light play a huge role in giving a picturesque effect to your place.

For those who don’t like to swing in extremes, there’s a classy trend going on for you too. Grey is in like never before and if experts are to be believed, it’s definitely not going away anytime soon. Plush shades of grey are taking over interiors big time. What’s making this colour choice in laminates so popular is how easily it makes everything else around it look so elegant and sophisticated. Even inexpensive simplistic furniture looks like it’s worth big money around it.

Another trend you should know about this year is the hygge culture. It refers to a cosy, comfortable lifestyle imbibed in our surroundings. Laminates apt for hygge mindset would be the ones with classic wooden textures. Warm, red tones are out of vogue and it’s time to bring back a warm homely feeling to your space.

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